Stellar CodeBlocks
Stellar CodeBlocks is a small company located in Tunisia(north Africa) home of the spring revolution. We are a one stop solution for video game development, 3D animation, visual fx and compositing. We worked with many visual fx studios in the US, like Cafefx Our strenth comes from our self, the team working at the heart of Stellar CodeBlocks.




3D Modeling Section

About Me

Please allow me to introduce my self, my name is Maher Daaloul, I'm a programmer and a Computer visual fx specialist. During the 80's my programming work was oriented 2D/3D realtime graphic processing. From 1991 I started working in the 3D computer generated imagery field and also working in the developing of 3d tools for the CG software that I was using. For more than 6 years I worked for several Tunisian production and studios.

1998 was a turning point in my career as a programmer since I moved to the USA to work for an animation studio located in Los Angeles California called Laughing Planet Studios, I conceived for them several 3D tools, then after I worked for other companies like X3D inc, 3dmaxMedia, Filaments Visual fx etc... during all that time I was actively engaged in the development department. From 2012 I started working in the mobile sector, we conceived programs for the Android and Windows mobile devices.

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